About Us



What make us different?

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that gymnastics is the ultimate sport for teaching children that exercising and staying fit can be lots of fun!  The basics of gymnastics will benefit our students throughout elementary and high school and even beyond that; indeed for their lifetime!  Balance, strength, coordination, flexibility are the physical benefits.  Don’t forget the mental aspects; overcoming fears, goal setting and sense of accomplishment, and social skills!

If you want your child to be consistently challenged, this is the place for you!  If you want your child to learn the basics of gymnastics, this is the program for you.  If you want to develop your child’s self esteem, self confidence, and self respect, this is the best place for your child!

Our Mission

To enrich, encourage, and develop children physically and mentally by consistently challenging each student at their level to do more than they think they can do.  And have lots of fun in the process!