TNF Training Philosophies

TNF Training Philosophies

IMG_1954We here at Twist'N Flip would like to think we have the best management, coaches, and staff in children's gymnastics. Each day we strive to improve. We're always learning. Always. So, what do we instill in our coaches? Here's a little insight into some of the points we tirelessly promote to all members of our team.

1. Communicate with parents. We'd like to think of ourselves as being a partner in the development of your children. Gymnastics goes far beyond the gym.

2. Treat classmates and all athletes with respect.

3. Child before athlete. Being an athlete is just a tiny part of being a child. Never do anything to advance the athlete that poses a risk to the child.

4. Fundamentals. Develop the core skills, because the stronger the core, the most successful the athlete.

5. The division between learning and practice. Practice can only begin after an athlete learns. Practicing before learning spawns bad habits.

6. Understand child development. Constantly educate on milestones of childhood, and ensure all expectations and actions coincide with an athlete's actual development.

7. People learn differently. Employ visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modes of teaching each skill.

8. Team building. Understand interpersonal relationships. This goes far beyond Twist'N Flip.

9. Nurture the athlete. As far as our coaches go, an athlete's inate exceptional talent is not an assessment of their coaching acumen. However, taking a less gifted athlete and helping them succeed is the greatest measure.

10. Education. Read everything you can get your hands on. Attend workshops and seminars. Exchange ideas with other coaches.

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