Colonie Summer Class Schedule

2017 Summer Gymnastics Class Schedule for Colonie

Our 2017 Summer Class Schedule begins on Wednesday, July 5th and ends on Tuesday, August 29th. Our summer session will be 8 full weeks.

There is no registration fee for the summer session.

Tuition is MONTHLY.

Anyone registered for May or June classes (or both), who does NOT register for a new summer class (classes listed below), will become inactive as of June 25th. At that point, if you did not register for July and August classes, your account will be taken off of auto-pay and you will no longer be charged for classes. The last payment for this current session (Fall 2016-Spring 2017) will be processed May 25th for all gymnasts enrolled in June classes.

As always, if you have any questions, please call the gym at 518-250-5602 or email us on our contact page. We would love to hear from you.

Tiny Tumblers (Parent and Child)   Ages 1-3, 45 mins

Preschool Ages 3 to 4   45 mins

Preschool Ages 4 to 5   60 mins

School Age Level 1   Ages 5.5 and Up, 60 minutes

School Age Level 2   Ages 5.5 and Up, 60 minutes
Must be tested prior to registration!

School Age Level 3   Ages 5.5 and Up, 90 minutes
Must be tested prior to registration!

Tumbling   Ages 6-11, 60 minutes

Giant Stars   Ages 7-12, 60 minutes

Ninja Class   Ages 6-15, 60 minutes