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Camp Rules and Policies

In order to fully register for any Summer Camp, we require each family to submit current billing information.  Once we confirm your enrollment, your card will be charged one $60 deposit for each week you register.  This is non-refundable and is used to secure your spot up until the final payment is charged.  Full payment is due on or before June 25th for all July camps, and on or before July 25th for all August camps.  If you wish to make payment by cash or check, you must do so at least 10 days before the appropriate due date(s).  Failure to pay the full amount one week before your child's camp may forfeit that spot without refund.  Camp tuition will not be prorated, discounted, or refunded for any reason other than a note signed by a physician excusing that child from that week's activities.

We require all parents and or guardians to notify us of all allergies, physical/emotional limitations, and medical needs.  Any information disclosed by you regarding you child will be kept confidential and will never be used to discriminate or single-out any child.  All information obtained will help our staff to provide the greatest care for our campers.  Please let us know if your child plans to carry any medical devices with him or her.  If your child is allergic to nuts, peanuts especially, we must know in advance so we can take all necessary precautions.  If we do have a camp with a child that has a peanut allergy, we will deem that particular week "Nut-Free."  Campers will be instructed to bring food without peanuts in order to prevent cross contamination/ illness.  At any camp we hold, students are never permitted to share food or drinks.  For those with children who have a nut allergy of any kind, please note that all of our snacks, pizza, and drinks have been checked for any indication of possible contamination (made in factory containing nuts, may contain nuts, etc).  However, if you wish to send your child with his or her own food, please let us know and we will not serve that child.  The same goes for any child with any type of food intolerance.

Prior to each camp, we require you, the main contact, to indicate anyone who will transport your child or children to and/or from camp.  Each day we will have a  a sign out sheet that will have the selected individual's name pre-written by our staff.  Please note that if anyone arrives other than you or any of the adults you listed as having permission to transport your child, a staff member will contact you in order to obtain permission for your child to leave with that adult.  Each day a Senior Staff Member is required to sign off on any student prior to them leaving our facility.  (Senior Staff Members will be introduced each day but will often be Michelle (Head Coach) or Alexa (Manager). If someone other than the authorized adults listed will be picking up your child, the main contact must let us know in advance.  We do this to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our campers.

Outside play is part of our curriculum.  Please prepare your child by applying sunblock before camp and sending him or her with an adequate amount should they need to reapply.  Please also send your child with proper clothing/shoes for outdoor play.  Sneakers are always the best option.  Flip flops and sandals are not ideal.  Please note, there are some weeks that focus more on outdoor play than others (i.e. water week and fun in the sun).

If your child shows signs of illness, please keep him or her home.  This includes fever, coughing, stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea and any other symptoms that signify illness.  

All campers must be fully potty trained.  If you think there is a possibility of your child having an accident, please send him or her with a change of clothes and let a staff member know so we can be prepared.  

Every Friday, we will serve pizza and ice cream to all campers, no matter what session (morning or afternoon) they are signed up for.  This end of the week party will take place between 12pm and 1pm.  This means, PM campers can be dropped off by 12pm that day and AM campers can stay until 1pm.  There is no need to send money with your child for this event and it is not mandatory.

At the end of the week (Friday), campers are asked to take home any crafts and projects they made throughout the week.  Anything that is not taken after that point will be discarded.

All campers are expected to follow our Safety Rules and General Code of Conduct as it is listed on our website under 'Membership Policies'.  Any campers who do not follow these rules will not be permitted to participate in certain activities and may be dismissed from camp without a refund.  It is our main priority to ensure the safety, well-being, and overall happiness of every camper and staff member.


When preparing your child for his or her day at TNF camp, please be sure to pack the following items:

-Adequate water.  If you prefer to send your child with money for the vending machine, please send your child with change in a sealed envelope with his or her name on the front.

-Lunch (for full day campers only).

-Swimsuit (particularly for Week 5).

-Change of clothes.




Final Bit Of Information Before Your Child's Week At Camp




In the spaces provided below, please list anyone other than yourself who may be transporting your child to and or from our facility.




By signing this form and submitting it to Twist'N Flip Gymnastics, I hereby agree on all terms and policies as stated on this form.  I have included all necessary information pertaining to my child(ren).





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