Rotterdam Membership Policies


Twist'N Flip Gymnastics in Rotterdam Policies

Here are some of the policies that we have to foster the smooth operation of Twist'N Flip!  Please read these, it will help you understand how things work around here!  If you have any questions, please ask!  Our policies are in place to make sure our students stay safe, our classes are not overbooked, and the gym operates as efficiently as possible.  We know that Twist'N Flip is a work in progress, so if you have a great idea we can use to make our policies even better, please let us know!

Safety Rules/Attitude (please share these with your gymnast!)

  1. Horseplay/rough play will not be tolerated.
  2. A positive attitude and desire to learn is required at all times.
  3. Please remove your shoes for class, no street shoes in the gym at any time.
  4. No one may go on any equipment/mat at any time without proper supervision.
  5. New skills may not be attempted without an instructor’s permission.
  6. Dress Code: Girls should wear a leotard. Boys should wear t-shirts and shorts. No jewelry is to be worn, including earrings. Long hair must be tied off the face. No hairclips or pins.
  7. No food, candy, gum, or drinks are permitted in the gym.
  8. Instructors have the right to dismiss a student from class or from the gym permanently for disruptive or inappropriate behavior.


Annual Registration Fee

The annual family registration fee ($42) is due upon registration.  The annual family registration fee is due every September for the school year term of September to June. The registration fee is per family, not per student.  There is no registration fee for the summer term (July to August).


Tuition is billed monthly and is applied per month not per class.  Customers are asked for a credit card to be kept on file in our secure system, which will be charged on the 25th of every month for the next month's tuition.  We give customers the option to pay by cash or check, we ask that any payments be made before the 20th of the month.  We do not accept American Express.  If you wish to withdraw from our program, you must let us know by the 15th of the month.  You can let us know in writing or by phone.  If you email us (or call and leave a message) with your intent to withdraw, please make sure we contact you back to confirm (emails have been known to evaporate before they reach their destination!).  If we receive your notice to withdraw after the 15th, you will get billed for the next month.  notification before tuition is charged on the 25th to ensure you will not be billed.  Refunds will not be given for any reason except medical excuses.

Discount Policy

  • The 2nd Child in the same family gets a 20% discount; a 3rd child in the same family gets a 40% discount.  More than 3 children, ask us!
  • Same Student in a 2nd Class: 35%


Absences/ Makeups

If your child misses a class, please schedule a makeup class at the front desk.  Please understand that our makeup policy is our attempt to help you get all the classes you paid for.  Our makeup policy has been terribly abused in the past, and at times it can be very difficult to get you the exact makeup class you need.  Rest assured we will try our hardest to accommodate you, but at some point we may say no.  We will no longer allow makeups after you withdraw from our program, nor will we allow you to make up a missed class after 4 weeks has gone by since the absence.  We will not allow more than 2 makeups per month.  We do not under any circumstances discount tuition for missed classes.  We have become at times quite creative with our makeup policy, we can offer you a pass to an Open Gym or Play Gym (whichever is appropriate for your child).  We have offered for siblings to take a class as a makeup too!  If you are missing a lot of classes, perhaps we can find a better day/time for your schedule?


We run two terms each year.  Our school year term runs from September through June while our summer term runs July and August.

Our term ranging from September-June allows students to remain in the same class month to month while payments are automatically deducted from the card on file.  In order to cancel a membership, we ask for written notice by the 15th of the month.

Withdrawing From Class

You are not forced to stay with us against your will!  If for any reason you wish to withdraw your child from our program you may do so!  Please let us know either by phone or in writing of your intent to withdraw.  You can also stop by the front desk or send us an email.  (Please don't tell your coach, we keep them so busy teaching great classes that they tend to forget to let the front desk know.)  If you send an email or leave a phone message, please make sure we contact you to confirm.  You must let us know by the 15th of the current month of your intent to withdraw for the next month.  If you don't let us know by the 15th, you will be charged for the next month!  Good communication is key here...

Inclement Weather

If our Twist'N Flip Rotterdam location is closed or has its opening delayed due to inclement weather, a notice will be posted on our Facebook page. That same notice will also be sent to all email addresses on file.

Important: Even if we remain open and you do not feel safe traveling, don't worry about anything. Stay home! Stay safe! It would be our pleasure to get you a makeup class.

We follow the Schalmont School District's closing policy.

If they are delayed 2 hours, we will cancel any classes that start in those 2 hours.

If they cancel all after school activities, we will close for all classes after 3 pm.

If they cancel the entire day of school, Twist'N Flip will be closed for the day.

And lastly, if you are ever unsure or have any questions whatsoever, give us a call at 518-982-1532.