Preschool Gym Explorers

Preschool Gym Explorers (PGE) is a new creative play program for children aged 2.5 to 5 years old (from here on out, "explorers"). It incorporates the fundamentals and benefits of gymnastics *and* allows your little one to endeavor in “exploration time” with creative and free play.

PGE will run in our Rotterdam facility on Monday mornings from 9:00-11:00AM. Note: A 2-hour commitment is not required. You will have the flexibility to come for the entire class or just one hour (9-10AM is structured lesson time; 10-11AM is exploration/free time). You can sign your child up for the entire 2 hours of class, or pick an hour and just come during that time.

Each class will have a weekly theme, and begin with structured lesson and gymnastics. Featured in this half of the class will be story time, song, gross motor warm up activity, prop-filled obstacle courses, and other awesome experiences corresponding to that week's theme.

Following structured lesson time, our little explorers will move into “exploration” (“free” play time), which will include our regular free float, play in the gym area, and some creative play experiences. Activities that will be offered will include open art, dramatic play, sensory and S.T.E.M activities, gross motor and fine motor free play.

Tuition is just $99 for 8 classes. In order to give families more flexibility, we're going to adopt a "punch card" format. When you click Register in the table below, your purchase of $99 will go towards 8 Preschool Gym Explorers classes. Don't worry - no paper punch card or anything to carry - everything will be digital. No commitments. No hassles.

Preschool Gym Explorers is for boys and girls ages 2.5 to 5.

Preschool Gym Explorers