Rotterdam Preschool Academy Gymnastics Program


This is a new program we started in January 2017. It went so well that we're bringing it back for Fall 2017. Registration links and information are below. As always, (518) 982-1532 with any questions or email us on our contact page.

Your child will receive a well-rounded education, including letter recognition based on phonics, along with ACADEMIC, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, MENTAL, and COGNITIVE development to help prepare for kindergarten and beyond.

The Preschool Academy at Twist'N Flip is designed for children ages 3 through 5.5. Preschool Academy includes one hour of gymnastics instruction and 90 minutes of hands-on learning through educational games and activities. Selecting gymnastics with hands-on learning is not only the beginning of a lifetime of lasting friendships, but also a lifetime of healthy eating choices, an active lifestyle, builds confidence and self-esteem, improves joint mobility, circulation, cardiovascular fitness and muscular development.

Snack will be provided at all sessions.